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Standard Atmosphere Calculator is a lightweight and intuitive software solution created to help you determine a variety of flight specifics using the 1976 International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) model and a series of user-defined details. Basic yet user-friendly looks The application goes through a quick and uneventful setup process, after which you can launch it and start fiddling with it right away. Standard Atmosphere Calculator’s interface consists of a single, adjustable window, where all the customizable parameters can be found and adjusted. Swiftly learn the pressure, density and viscosity values according to ISA In order to function properly, the program only requires you to input three important values, specifically the ‘Altitude’, ‘Temperature Offset’ and ‘Velocity’. Optionally, you can also set the ‘Reference Length’, by default being 1. From the menus corresponding to each value, you can select the preferred measurement unit, as Standard Atmosphere Calculator supports both metric and imperial unit systems. Once the necessary information has been entered, the tool automatically calculates the results, without you having to press any other button. As such, you can learn what is the speed of sound, in those particular circumstances, the ‘Match Number’ and whether it is subsonic or not, the ‘Pressure’, ‘Density’, ‘Dynamic Viscosity’ and ‘Kinematic Viscosity’. You can also find out the ‘Reynolds Number’ along with the ‘Laminar’ and ‘Turbulent’ coefficients. However, the results cannot be copied to clipboard, not can you export them to a file, so if further work is required, you will need to manually input them in a document. A simple ISA calculation tool To sum it up, Standard Atmosphere Calculator is a handy and effective utility that can help you discover the precise ISA values for your flight, all with just a few quick keypresses and mouse moves. Ocean Wave Simulator is a powerful software that allows you to create and enhance ocean waves, to measure ocean depth, sea level, wave height and wind direction, to provide and real-time visualisation of wind speed, to simulate wave patterns, breakers and surfboard riding, to create foam in water. Ocean Wave Simulator Description: Ocean Wave Simulator is a powerful software that allows a5204a7ec7

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